DIY Home Package
DIY Home Package

DIY Home Package

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Are you a parent, teacher, lifelong learner, classical music enthusiast, non-brass playing instrumentalist, or singer?

Curious what it's like to play a brass instrument? Would you like a fun and engaging music program to do at home for you and/or your children while you are weathering the COVID storm? Take a deep dive into "Around the World in Twenty-One Trumpets" and learn the basics of brass playing following the adventures of Ragnar, the first trumpeter in human history. Our extensive and engaging online resources enable you to learn from the safety of your own home. 

NEW! Online Beginning Brass Instruction   

DIY Home Package includes:

More about the BfB Natural Trumpet™:

  • The BfB Natural Trumpet™ plays in C (@A=440) and comes with carrying case and Mutec™ 3C mouthpiece*
  • The BfB Natural Trumpet™, Brass for Beginners® and Mutec® mouthpieces are made in the USA with sterilizable materials.
  • The BfB Natural Trumpet™ is built to last, with no moving parts* that can become lost or damaged. *please note: there is no tuning slide! The instrument is designed to play at A=440 with a standard trumpet mouthpiece.
  • The BfB Natural Trumpet™ comes with a two-year limited warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. See Owner's Manual for more information. 

“The BFB Natural Trumpet™ will create a new, much more versatile generation of brass players, able to approach any brass instrument with a unique understanding of its basic principles. Learning how to control articulation, sound color and intonation on an intuitive level, sets the foundation early for the ultimate goal of every musician: finding their own voice and letting their instrument sing.“

—Julian Zimmermann, historic trumpet specialist