K-12 Music Education

What can BfB do for you?

General Music

  • Expands brass education to the entire grade level, allowing all students a chance to discover their ability to play brass.
  • Empowers educators without a brass background to teach beginning brass.
  • Uses an interdisciplinary curriculum that brings the history and significance of lip-blown instruments to life for young learners.
  • Provides exhaustive print and online resources for students and teachers.

Beginning Band

  • Jump starts beginning brass students' technical and musical development.
  • Builds ensemble skills from the start by having all students playing the same instrument, in the same key, without the distraction of valves and slides.

Middle & High School Band

  • Turns on brass players' ears and gets them on the same page.
  • Serves as an effective pedagogical aid for students needing help with the fundamentals.
  • Challenges advanced brass players.

Private Instruction

  • Builds a solid foundation in preparation for taking up any of the modern brass instruments.
  • Facilitates engaging discussion about music's origins and development throughout human history.
  • Boosts ongoing musical and technical development for students at all stages of development.