BfB Natural Trumpet™

BfB Natural Trumpet™

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Dear customer: our last production batch of BfB Natural Trumpets™ has sold out. Purchase now to reserve part of our next production batch scheduled to be completed in January 2022. 

  • The BfB Natural Trumpet™ plays in C (@A=440) and comes with carrying case and Mutec® 5C mouthpiece*
    • The BfB Natural Trumpet™, BfB beginning brass mouthpieces, and Mutec® mouthpieces are made in the USA with serializable materials. 
    • The BfB Natural Trumpet™ is built to last, with no moving parts* that can become lost or damaged. *please note: there is no tuning slide! The instrument is designed to play at A=440 with a standard trumpet mouthpiece.
    • The BfB Natural Trumpet™ comes with a two-year limited warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. See Owner's Manual for more information. 

    But wait- there's more! Purchase a BfB Natural Trumpet™ and receive an automatic 15% discount on BfB Baroque Beginner™ or Picket Tromba 1 mouthpieces.

    *Are you a French horn or low brass player interested in teaching Brass for Beginners® in group classes or private lessons? Check out our low-brass and French horn hybrid mouthpieces here.

    “The BFB Natural Trumpet™ will create a new, much more versatile generation of brass players, able to approach any brass instrument with a unique understanding of its basic principles. Learning how to control articulation, sound color and intonation on an intuitive level, sets the foundation early for the ultimate goal of every musician: finding their own voice and letting their instrument sing.“

    —Julian Zimmermann, historic trumpet specialist