About the BfB Natural Trumpet™

The BfB Natural Trumpet™ was designed to sound and play like an authentic natural trumpet. With the help of engineers and music acousticians, Brass for Beginners® has produced a lightweight, durable, low-cost instrument that has numerous pedagogical applications for teachers, students, and developing brass players.

It weighs under 2 lbs., making it easy for even the smallest hands to hold, and is built to last, with no moving parts* that can become lost or damaged. Pitched in C (A=440), it can play with other general music classroom instruments such as Orff and recorders. The BfB Natural Trumpet™ is manufactured with FDA compliant ABS in the USA, meeting NSRL levels of Prop 65.

The BfB Natural Trumpet™ is an excellent whole-class instrument for teaching the basics of brass playing to students of any age. It is equally effective for private instruction, and because there is an option of using French horn and/or low brass mouthpieces, the BfB Natural Trumpet™ can be used by any/all brass players to teach and to play.

Finally, learning to play the natural trumpet offers unique and substantial benefits to trumpet players at all stages of development. It makes them better trumpeters and better musicians.

*Note: the BfB Natural Trumpet™ does not have a tuning slide.

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Beginning Brass Students

Trumpeters & Brass Players


“The BFB Natural Trumpet will create a new, much more versatile generation of brass players, able to approach any brass instrument with a unique understanding of its basic principles. Learning how to control articulation, sound color and intonation on an intuitive level, sets the foundation early for the ultimate goal of every musician: finding their own voice and letting their instrument sing.“

—Julian Zimmermann, historic trumpet specialist

"By mastering the fundamentals of tone production before introducing valves or slides, my students were able to progress further than their peers who were being trained in a more traditional program."

—Dr. Craig Levesque, Rider University, Princeton, NJ

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BfB French horn™ and BfB Low Brass™ mouthpieces make it possible for all brass players to explore the pedagogical benefits of the natural trumpet.

BfB Baroque Beginner™ mouthpieces can be used with both the BfB Nat™ and the BfB Baroque™ for trumpeters wanting to develop a more authentic historical playing technique.

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Explore the fascinating ancient history of lip-blown instruments while learning the basics of brass playing. Sign up for lessons and let a BfB Teaching Expert take you on a guided tour of Around the World in Twenty-One Trumpets.

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