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What people are saying

"This holistic approach based in music, history, and anthropology is an asset to the field of music education. Based in solid pedagogical concepts, the integration throughout Brass for Beginners with a multi-media format provides a comprehensive foray into the world of learning how to play a brass instrument. The lesson plans and materials are easily accessible for general music teachers regardless of their skill level with brass instruments. I would not be surprised if Brass for Beginners becomes a staple of general music classrooms, alongside with learning how to play the recorder."

Dr. Andrew Goodrich, Assistant Professor of Music, Music Education Boston University

"My collegiate Brass Methods students have all experienced ease and rapid success moving from the BfB trumpet to modern brass instruments. The use of the natural trumpet at the start builds a solid foundation of sound production and aural skills beneficial for playing any brass instrument. Furthermore, my students have enjoyed learning the history of lip-blown instruments through BfB's engaging textbook and online resources." 

Anna Mayne, French horn and Brass Methods Teacher at Northeastern Illinois University

"At Evanston Township High School, we have reaped the long-term benefits of the Brass for Beginners program for years. Top brass players in each of our ensembles trace their foundations back to this fabulous approach. They enter ETHS with a good tone concept that is free of tension and consistent in range across the instrument. We are so grateful for the strong start they receive through Brass for Beginners."

Matthew Bufis, Director of Bands, Evanston Township High School (IL)

“As an artist with a passion for the natural trumpet and early music, the idea of using it as a teaching tool for beginners is exciting indeed. Brass for Beginners authors have laid out an adventure through time and across the globe that promises not only to instill a life-long appreciation for brass instruments but also to inspire the next generation of brass players!"

Alison Balsom, International Trumpet Soloist

Brass for Beginners is far and away the most effective method I have used for group instruction of young brass players. By mastering the fundamentals of tone production before introducing valves or slides, my students were able to progress further than their peers who were being trained in a more traditional program. Having taught the Brass for Beginners curriculum in private lessons and in a classroom setting, I can confidently say that this method has applications in a wide range of educational settings. ”

Dr. Craig Levesque, Brass and Composition Faculty Rider University, Princeton, NJ

Brass for Beginners is a highly effective program that gets kids really excited about playing brass. My own son loved learning about instruments from different periods of history and from all around the world. This engaging and interdisciplinary approach not only prepares students very well for transitioning to modern brass instruments, it also gives them an expansive sense of music and all of its possibilities. No more fights over practicing! BFB makes kids love music.”

Dr. Jessica Winegar, Director of Graduate Studies, Dept. of Anthropology, Northwestern University (IL)

Brass for Beginners is a perfect fit for the elementary general music classroom. The natural trumpet allows for ease in playing, including for those with differing cognitive and physical abilities and/or lack of prior brass experience. The materials are engaging from beginning to end; the use of historical fiction hooks students, facilitating engaging and meaningful discussions of social-emotional topics while promoting creative thinking, inspiring students to compose music that fits stories from the text. I fully recommend Brass for Beginners to any general music teacher looking to provide students an extraordinary hands-on brass experience.”

Stephanie Abudayeh, District 65 Music Department Chair, Evanston/Skokie, IL

“I enthusiastically recommend this innovative and creative approach to beginning brass pedagogy, which encompasses aspects of ear training, music history and anthropology that are lacking in the more standard method materials. The foundation being laid by Brass for Beginners is a solid one upon which students can build throughout their scholastic careers and beyond.”

Terry Everson, International Trumpet Soloist, Associate Professor of Trumpet, Boston University

“The European Music Archeology Project (EMAP) proudly offers its endorsement of the Brass for Beginners curriculum. BFB authors have done an incredible job of putting the painstaking research of scholars in various fields into a format that can engage young learners. This approach promises to inspire the next generation to appreciate our shared history through the study of ancient music and musical instruments. The fact that the curriculum is a general music curriculum that bridges this history with hands-on learning of brass technique makes it all the more compelling. We at EMAP are hopeful that children around the world will have the opportunity to benefit from this fantastic learning experience.”

Dr. Raquel Jimenez, Assistant lecturer at the University of Valladolid (Spain); European Music Archaeology Project (EMAP) Head Researcher