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Brass Methods

The natural trumpet is an ideal introduction to brass instruments for students in music education degree programs. Starting off brass methods courses with the natural trumpet gives students time to work on the basics (sound production, articulation, and navigation of the harmonic series) before they are faced with the complexities of instruments with vales and slides. Most importantly, it helps to demystify that which makes brass unique form other instruments families—the harmonic series—which is critical to understanding any of the modern brass instruments. Additionally, the use of the BfB curriculum introduces students to the rich and unique history of lip-blown instruments through a multi-faceted program that reflects modern trends in music education.

Trumpet Studio

The use of natural/Baroque trumpet in higher education is increasingly common, offering numerous benefits for students in trumpet performance degree programs.

  • Builds aural and technical skills, increasing flexibility, efficiency, and pitch/interval awareness.
  • Brings new meaning and artistic perspective in the performance of historical music.
  • Helps illuminate the reasons and need for transposition in modern orchestral playing.
  • Produces more marketable graduates, as performers and teachers.

Brass Repertoire

Use of the BfB French horn™ and BfB Low Brass™ mouthpieces make it possible to put all your collegiate brass students on the same page. Playing repertoire from the beginning of the 17th century through the mid-19th century on natural trumpets gives students a first-hand experience into the origins of brass music and illuminates the evolution of brass repertoire through the Classical and Romantic periods.

Performing Ensembles

The natural/Baroque trumpet can be used in numerous collegiate performance contexts including:

  • Chamber
  • Solo
  • Period Baroque and classical performance
  • Liturgical
  • Natural Trumpet Ensemble

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The BfB Baroque™ can be played in 10 keys, making it possible to play nearly all repertoire written for the trumpet from the late 18th through the mid 19th centuries. Click the button below to browse our Classical Period Database organized by composer and by key.