BfB Baroque™

The BfB Baroque™ is two trumpets in one:

First, it can be played as a non-vented (natural trumpet) or a vented (Baroque trumpet using the four-hole system) trumpet that plays in standard Baroque keys at modern (A=440) and Baroque (A=415) pitch.

Second, it is a trumpet that can be crooked to the keys necessary for playing classical period music, like the Trompette d' harmonie (orchestral trumpet) of the early nineteenth century.

The dual-nature of the BfB Baroque™ is possible because of its unique configuration: the crooks of the BfB Baroque™ are changed in both the front and back of the instrument, allowing the vents to stay in the middle which facilitates a wide range of keys that can be offered with vented yards. Additionally, the compact profile of the BfB Baroque™ can facilitate the technique of hand-stopping*, as in the case of the Inventionstrompete of the late eighteenth/early nineteenth centuries.

The BfB Baroque™ is a user-friendly high-quality instrument designed to make entering the world of period performance more accessible. Additionally, trumpeters learning the natural/Baroque trumpet will enjoy numerous pedagogical and musical benefits that bring new perspective and skill to playing the modern trumpet.

*Hand-stopping on the BfB Baroque™ is only possible if your arms are long enough to stop notes on a standard Bb trumpet.


This package is for trumpeters wanting to develop a more authentic historical playing technique and does not include vented yards. Although any modern mouthpiece can be used with the BfB Baroque™, it is recommended to use mouthpieces based on historical models which allow for more pitch flexibility. To this end, historic trumpet specialists Julian Zimmermann and Nikolai Mänttäri have developed BfB Baroque Beginner™ mouthpieces available 3D printed and sliver plated brass.

  • One BfB Baroque™ frame assembly (bell & leadpipe)
  • Db and B crook sets* (C & D at A=415) with labeled crook bags
  • One non-vented yard
  • BfB Baroque™ single bag

*unless otherwise indicated

This is a great package for trumpeters wanting to get started playing Baroque or classical repertoire on a period instrument. Key substitutions are permitted.

  • One BfB Baroque™ frame assembly (bell & leadpipe)
  • C and D crook sets* (A=440) with corresponding vented yards and labeled crook bags
  • One non-vented yard
  • 3-yard pouch
  • BfB Baroque™ single bag

*unless otherwise indicated

This package facilitates playing Baroque and classical repertoire in C and D at both modern and Baroque pitch with the 4-hole vent system or as a natural trumpet. Keys substitutions are permitted.

  • One BfB Baroque™ frame assembly (bell & leadpipe)
  • D, Db, C, and B crook sets* (C & D at A=440 & A=415) with corresponding vented yards and labeled crook bags
  • One non-vented yard
  • 5-yard pouch
  • BfB Baroque™ single bag

*unless otherwise indicated

The 10-key Touring Package is the ultimate historic trumpet kit, enabling you to play nearly all natural trumpet repertoire from the 16th - 19th centuries.

  • Two frame assemblies (bell & leadpipe): one "classic bell" and one "historic bell" for rapid key changes and timbre options
  • Crook sets for all 10 keys, including corresponding vented yards, whole-step coupler, and labeled crook bags
  • Two non-vented yards
  • Two 5-yard pouches
  • Touring 10-Key Bag (custom made by Messina Covers)

Video Demos

Baroque Repertoire

Cody Beard playing Altenburg's Quatricinium

Dr. Kathryn Adduci comparing the BfB Baroque™ to an Egger

Josh Cohen playing Bach and Reiche Fanfare on the BfB Baroque™ and Norwich Natural Trumpets

Gabriele Cassone playing an early BfB Baroque™ prototype at the EMAP Conference in Viterbo, Italy (2015)

Justin Bland plays "The Trumpet Shall Sound" from Handel's Messiah

Jason Dovel and Clint Linkmeyer play Franceschini's "Sonata for Two Trumpets"

Gabriele Cassone compares the BfB Baroque™ to a historical replica

Classical Repertoire

Ray Riccomini plays Mozart and Beethoven on the BfB Baroque

Terry Everson and Ray Riccomini playing Brahms Sym. No 1, Mvt. 1

Terry Everson and Ray Riccomini - Brahms Sym. No 1, Mvts. 2 & 3

Terry Everson and Ray Riccomini - Brahms Sym. No 1, Mvt. 4

Chris Hasselbring playing Brahms Academic Festival Overture

Keys, Mouthpieces & More

Customers have the option of choosing keys for both the Two-Key and Four-Key packages, and crooks sets can be purchased separately as needed. Click the "a la carte" button at bottom to learn more. Here are the available keys, from high to low:

G*, F, E (F@A=415), Eb, D (Eb@A=415) 
Db (D@A=415), C, B (C@A=415), Bb*, A*

*NOTE: The keys of G, Bb, and A do not come with vented yards. The keys of Bb and A require the use of a whole-step coupler in conjunction with the C and B crook sets (respectively).

While you can use any modern trumpet mouthpiece with the BfB Baroque™, more authentic options are available. Customers who purchase a BfB Baroque™ receive an automatic 15% discount on both 3D printed and silver plated brass BfB mouthpieces.

The BfB Baroque™ Owner's Manual provides a written and graphic explanation of the four-hole vent system with suggestions on how to get started with tuning. Click the image to view/download in PDF.

See what's available in the store to start practicing your BfB Baroque™ today!

The BfB Baroque™ can be played in 10 keys, making it possible to play nearly all repertoire written for the trumpet from the late 18th through the mid 19th centuries. Click the button below to browse our Classical Period Database organized by composer and by key.

Would you like to start learning how to play the Baroque trumpet but don't have access to a Baroque specialist in your area? We are pleased to offer some of the world's top Baroque trumpet artists to help you get started on your journey into the world of early music performance!


"The BfB Baroque offers an affordable way to get started on the Baroque trumpet. It's easy to hold, and of a high enough quality to be used as a solo instrument and in ensembles. This is a great horn for the price!"
Dr. Kathryn Adduci, International Trumpet Soloist
"This horn plays great, in some ways easier than my own replica, and I like the fact that I can take it apart and fit it in a small case when I'm on tour."  

Gabriele Cassone, International Trumpet Soloist

"The BfB Baroque is a stroke of genius! A beautiful sounding, reliable, affordable and approachable horn that will open your eyes and ears to a new world of trumpet playing!"

-Cody Beard, satisfied customer

Video Tutorial: Assembly, Disassembly, & Key Changes

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