BfB Baroque™

The BfB Baroque™ is really two trumpets in one:

First, it is a vented trumpet that plays in standard Baroque keys at modern (A=440) or Baroque (A=415) pitch.

Second, it is a natural trumpet that can be crooked up or down to the keys necessary for playing Classical period music from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries in modern pitch (A=440).

The dual-nature of the BfB Baroque™ is possible because of its short profile. Since crook sets are changed in both the front and back of the instrument, the vents stay in the middle of the trumpet, allowing for a wide range of keys that can be offered with vented yards. Additionally, many players will find it possible to hand-stop* the instrument, allowing it to be played like an "invention trumpet" of the late eighteenth/early nineteenth centuries.

The BfB Baroque™ is a great stepping-stone instrument for entering the world of period performance. Trumpeters learning the natural trumpet will enjoy numerous pedagogical benefits which can bring new skills and meaning to playing the modern trumpet.

*Hand-stopping on the BfB Baroque™ is only possible if your arms are long enough to stop notes on a standard Bb trumpet.

Learn about the Classical period repertoire that can be played on the BfB Baroque™. Click the button below to see a database of natural trumpet parts "by composer" and "by key" to learn what repertoire you can play with each crook set.

Brass for Beginners® Teaching Artists

  • Would you like to start learning how to play the natural trumpet but don't have access to a Baroque specialist in your city or town?
  • Are you setting up a natural trumpet program at your school or university and would like to invite a teaching artist to present workshops or collaborate on a performance?

We are pleased to offer Brass for Beginners® Teaching Artists to help you get started on your journey into the world of early music performance!

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Demo Videos

Josh Cohen playing Bach Magnificat and Reiche Fanfare on the BfB Baroque™ and Norwich Natural Trumpet

Dr. Brian Shaw demonstrating the 4-hole vent system on a 2015 prototype of the BfB Baroque™

Playing the music of Brahms using the technique of hand-stopping

Gabriele Cassone playing an early BfB Baroque™ prototype at the EMAP Conference (2015)

Raymond Riccomini of the Metropolitan Opera playing the BfB Baroque™ in audition...

Chris Hasselbring playing Beethoven excerpts on BfB Baroque™ in Eb


How to assemble and disassemble the BfB Baroque™