BfB Baroque™

The BfB Baroque™ was designed to make learning the Baroque trumpet more accessible for trumpeters at all stages of development. It can be played as a natural trumpet or as a vented trumpet, and because of its shorter profile, it can be hand-stopped* like an "invention trumpet," of the late-18th/early-19th century.

Currently available in C (A=440) and D (A+415), the BfB Baroque™ is a great stepping-stone instrument for entering the world of period performance. Trumpeters learning the natural trumpet will enjoy numerous pedagogical benefits which can bring new skills and meaning to playing the modern trumpet.

*hand-stopping on the BfB Baroque™ is only possible if your arms are long enough to stop notes on a standard Bb trumpet.

Demo Videos

Gabriele Cassone playing an early BfB Baroque™ prototype at the EMAP Conference (2015)

BfB Author Chris Hasselbring comparing the BfB Baroque™ with a historic replica by Frank Tomes

Dr. Brian Shaw demonstrating the 4-hole vent system on a 2015 prototype of the BfB Baroque™

Playing the music of Brahms using the technique of hand-stopping


How to assemble and disassemble the BfB Baroque™