BfB Baroque™

BfB Baroque™

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There are a handful of production prototypes* available at the sale price! 

The BfB Baroque™ is a great stepping-stone instrument for those wanting to try high trumpet repertoire on a natural trumpet. It can play either as a natural trumpet (no vents) or as a vented trumpet, using the 4-hole system. Click here to view Owners Manual.

  • The BfB Baroque™ uses a standard trumpet mouthpiece (not included)
  • The BfB Baroque™ comes with crooks and vented yards to play in D (A=415) and C (A=440)
  • A low-cost option for intermediate to advanced trumpeters of all ages. 
  • Crooks and vented yards for D (A=440) and C (A=415) will be available as add-ons in Fall 2019

*Please note that production prototypes may have some scratches and blemishes. Yards and crooks are non-laquered.