BfB Baroque™
BfB Baroque™
BfB Baroque™
BfB Baroque™
BfB Baroque™
BfB Baroque™
BfB Baroque™
BfB Baroque™
BfB Baroque™
BfB Baroque™

BfB Baroque™

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The BfB Baroque™ is a user-friendly, low-cost option for those wanting to learn to play Baroque or classical repertoire on a period instrument. It can be played as a natural trumpet (no vents) or as a vented trumpet using the 4-hole system. Learn more about about the BfB Baroque™ here.

NOTE: The BfB Baroque™ comes unlaquered and is built with a standard (modern) mouthpiece receiver. 

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Packages (mouthpiece sold separately)

Basic: Two-Key

  • One BfB Baroque™ frame (bell & leadpipe assembly)
  • Two crook sets of your choice* (with corresponding vented yards and labeled crook bags)
  • One non-vented yard
  • 3-yard pouch
  • BfB Baroque™ single bag

Standard: Four-Key

  • One BfB Baroque™ frame (bell & leadpipe assembly)
  • Includes D, Db, C, and B crook sets (C & D at A=440 & A=415, with corresponding vented yards) unless notified otherwise*
  • Four corresponding labeled crook bags
  • One non-vented yard
  • 5-yard pouch
  • BfB Baroque™ single bag

    Touring: Ten-Key

    • Two BfB Baroque™ frames (bell & leadpipe assembly) and two non-vented yards for rapid key changes
    • Crook sets for all 10 keys, including corresponding vented yards and whole-step coupler (see below)
    • 10-Key Double Bag (custom made by Messina Covers) including labeled crook bags and yard pouches

    BfB Baroque™ Frame (bell & leadpipe assembly)

    • Bell and lead-pipe assembly with wood block and colored wrap

    Keys & More:

    *Email us at to indicate which of the following crook sets you prefer for the Basic or Standard Package. Each crook set comes with a vented yard unless otherwise indicated:

    G*, F, E (F@A=415), Eb, D (Eb@A=415) 
    Db (D@A=415), C, B (C@A=415), Bb*, A*

    *NOTE: The keys of G, Bb, and A do not come with vented yards. The keys of Bb and A use a whole-step coupler in conjunction with the C and B crook sets (respectively). 


    Purchase additional crook sets for your BfB Baroque™ here.
    See which crooks sets are required to play classical period repertoire here.
    View owner's manual here.