BfB Baroque™ Historic Bell

Developing a historic bell for the BfB Baroque™ turned out to be a long term project. What's now evident is that we got lucky with the original bell, now referred to as the "classic bell" which incorporates a modified modern bell and leadpipe into the design. The BfB classic bell plays well in all ten keys offered, from the lowest to the highest, but doesn't work as well without vents (as a natural trumpet, unless using handstopping) and presents a more orchestral timbre than many historic replicas.

Our aim therefore was to find a historic bell profile that works with the BfB Baroque™ configuration - a bell that responds well with and without vents, in all ten keys, with a baroque mouthpiece receiver. What we ended up with is a bell nearly identical to the profile of J.L. Ehe's trumpet dated 1710.

Developed in collaboration with Nikolai Mänttäri and Miles O'Malley, the BfB historic bell is handmade in Chicago, IL with an engraved garland, Baroque mouthpiece receiver, and tapered leadpipe. An adaptor for modern shank mouthpiece is included so it can be used with any BFB Brass™ mouthpiece. The best part is that it's only a few hundred dollars more than the classic bell, reflecting our commitment to affordability and accessibility.

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Historic bell demos (with vents) Historic bell demos (without vents)

Dr. Kathryn Adduci plays Handel's "Eternal Source of Light Divine"

Nikolai Mänttäri comparing the BfB Baroque™ classic and historic (prototype) bells

Dr. Kathryn Adduci plays "Herr, wenn die stolzen Feinde schnauben" from Cantata VI of Bach’s Christmas Oratorio

Nikolai Mänttäri and Matthew Gajda play "Pas de Charge" by Eugege Roy (Trumpet on left is made by MM Historic Brass)

"The new BFB Baroque Historic Bell has a clear and resonant sound over the entire range of the instrument. Having the vent holes closer to the mouthpiece is an advantage, making it easier to hold than many historical replicas. This instrument is a viable choice for playing any baroque repertoire."
                                                                    Dr. Kathryn Adduci

"This bell is incredible! The tuning is pretty much spot on. It has its own tendencies of course: low C is slightly sharp, but can easily be accustomed to. The F is super easy to bend. The high A is better than most Baroque trumpets I've encountered, including mine! High C is spot on (usually low on baroque instruments)."
                                                                      Nikolai Mänttäri

Nikolai Mänttäri and Miles O'Malley prototyping the BfB Baroque™ historic bell at O'Malley Brass Instruments