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Ten Keys:

Scroll through the "Key" dropdown menu above to see how the instrument looks in each key. Each crook set includes one vented yard (unless otherwise indicated) and is shipped in a labeled, color-coded storage bag.

G*, F, E (F@A=415), Eb, D (Eb@A=415)
Db (D@A=415), C, B (C@A=415), Bb*, A*

*NOTE: The keys of G, Bb, and A do not come with vented yards. The keys of Bb and A use a whole-step coupler in conjunction with the C and B crook sets (respectively).

Bb = C crook set + coupler
A = B crook set + coupler

The BfB Baroque™ can be used to perform nearly all repertoire written for the trumpet from the late 18th through the mid 19th centuries. Click the button below to browse our Classical Period Database organized by composer and by key.

Video Tutorial: Assembly, Disassembly, & Key Changes