BfB Baroque™
BfB Baroque™
BfB Baroque™
BfB Baroque™

BfB Baroque™

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The BfB Baroque™ is an accessible and low-cost option for those wanting to play high-trumpet or classical repertoire on a natural trumpet. It can be played as a natural trumpet (no vents) or as a vented trumpet using the 4-hole system. Click here for more information. 

This basic package includes two crooks sets (with corresponding vented yards) and one non-vented yard. After ordering the BfB Baroque™, email us at to indicate which of the following two keys you prefer:

E (F@A=415), Eb, D (Eb@A=415), Db (D@A=415), C, B (C@A=415), Bb*, A*

*NOTE: The keys of Bb and A require a whole-step coupler used in conjunction with the C and B crook sets (respectively). Vented yards are not available for the keys of Bb and A. 

Click here to purchase additional key sets for your BfB Baroque™

Click here to view database of Classical period trumpet parts that can be played with the various crook sets offered. 

  • The BfB Baroque™ uses a standard trumpet receiver allowing for experimentation with various mouthpieces for various types of repertoire.
  • Special discount prices available on selected Baroque Pickett Brass mouthpieces: coming soon!
  • The BfB Baroque™ comes with a soft case but can be transported in any standard trumpet case when disassembled. 
  • The BfB Baroque™ is compact enough to be hand-stopped*, allowing you to play 19th century orchestral repertoire on a natural trumpet. 
 *Only if your arm is long enough to reach into the bell of a standard Bb trumpet