Serving a Need

Brass for Beginners' proven methodology expands access to both learning and teaching brass.

Brass instruments are pervasive in almost every cultural and historical context throughout human history, and the experience of playing them is entirely distinct from any other instrument family, yet only a small percentage of school children have the opportunity to learn a brass instrument.

Proven Methodology 
Developed by music and social science educators, the Brass for Beginners® interdisciplinary approach is effective and engaging for students of all ages. It unlocks students’ creative and technical abilities, while making meaningful connections with core educational disciplines. Learn More

Even at schools that offer instrumental music programs, the experience of learning brass is typically limited to students who join band programs and show promise at playing brass on the first attempt. By offering a program designed for the general music classroom, Brass for Beginners® breaks down barriers to learning brass. It enables all students a chance to discover their musical abilities and instills a lifelong appreciation of brass instruments.

Although most general music, band, and orchestra educators have some level of competency and understanding of brass playing, only elementary and middle school band directors typically have the opportunity to introduce brass to beginners. Brass for Beginners® expands the opportunity of teaching brass to educators of all backgrounds.

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