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This package is for trumpet teachers wanting to bring the natural trumpet into their weekly lessons. Teachers who purchase this package will receive sheet music and lesson plans as they become available until the newest BfB curriculum, The Natural Trumpet Tutor , is released in 2023. View sample lesson plans and dowload PDF's by clicking the link below.

This discounted package includes two BfB Natural Trumpets™, details below:

  • The BfB Natural Trumpet™ plays in C (A=440) and comes with carrying case and Mutec 3C mouthpiece. Any modern trumpet shank mouthpiece can be used.

The BfB Natural Trumpet™, Brass for Beginners® and Mutec® mouthpieces are made in the USA with sterilizable materials.

The BfB Natural Trumpet™ is built to last, with no moving parts* that can become lost or damaged. Please note: there is no tuning slide! The instrument is designed to play at A=440 with a standard trumpet mouthpiece.

The BfB Natural Trumpet™ comes with a two-year limited warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. See Owner's Manual for more information.