Karl Davies

Karl Davies,
BfB Narrator, Actor

Karl was born in Stockport, just outside Manchester in the north of England. He joined the Carver Theatre at the age of 8, because that’s where all the nice girls went. Turns out he also enjoyed performing too! That year he played the role of ‘Maurice’ in Willy Russell’s Our Day Out and that’s where it all began. Despite taking a couple of years out to try to pursue his dream of playing for Manchester United, he returned to acting whilst at high school and went on to perform in their annual plays from the age of 13. 

He continued to study theatre at Ridge Danyers College in Marple. Whilst performing a devised musical, that the students had written, he was seen by some professional actors that lived locally. They kindly passed on his details to an agency in London and he landed his first professional role in a drama called Peak Practice at the age of 17. He saved his money with the hope of going on to study at theatre school. After a few years of work he decided to abandon the theatre school route and continue learning on the job, which he still does today. He has been lucky enough to work on some wonderful theatre and film projects including HBO’s Game Of Thrones and the BBC/Netflix original drama Happy Valley. He’s still loving working and enjoys learning with every new job.

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