What is Brass for Beginners?

Created by music and social science educators, Brass for Beginners® goes back to the basics. It focuses on the development of fundamental techniques and aural skills using a “learn-by-ear” approach. Its interdisciplinary methodology gives students a reason to make sound in the first place, unlocking their creative and technical abilities by bringing human history and the history of lip-blown instruments to life.

  • Brass for Beginners® uses the BfB Natural Trumpet™ as the primary teaching tool. The natural trumpet is an ideal pedagogical tool for students of any age, as well as for music teachers and brass players who want to expand their understanding of lip-blown instruments. Learn More

  • The Brass for Beginners® interdisciplinary curriculum uncovers the origins and meaning of music itself, by exploring the role lip-blown instruments have played throughout human history. This results in an engaging and meaningful learning experience for both students and their teachers. Learn More