Trumpet Teacher Package

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This package includes two BfB Natural Trumpets and the draft print version of the The Natural Trumpet Tutor, providing everything needed for trumpet teachers and their students to play together in lessons.

A realistic first goal for the developing trumpeter is to learn the second parts from F.G.A. Dauverné's "Six Easy Duets" (see music and video below). The Natural Trumpet Tutor includes many duets like this with exercises and etudes that will challenge students at any level.

In the words of François Georges Auguste Dauverné, teacher of Jean-Baptiste Arban at the Paris Conservatory:

“...It is impossible to become a skillful trumpeter, in any style, if one does not begin with a complete study of the natural trumpet.”


Play a duet with historic trumpet specialist Julian Zimermann! (click here for his website)

The Natural Trumpet Tutor draws from 19th century instructional material and music that is accessible for developing trumpeters. It is not geared towards learning how to play Baroque high-trumpet repertoire.

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The BfB Natural Trumpet™ plays in C (A=440) and comes with carrying case and Mutec 3C mouthpiece.* Any modern trumpet-shank mouthpiece can be used.

The BfB Natural Trumpet™ has no moving parts that can become lost or damaged. Please note: there is no tuning slide! The instrument is designed to play at A=440 with a standard trumpet mouthpiece.

The BfB Natural Trumpet™ comes with a two-year limited warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. See Owner's Manual for more information.

*The BfB Natural Trumpet™ and Brass for Beginners® and Mutec® mouthpieces are made in the USA with sterilizable materials. 

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BfB Baroque mouthpieces can be used with both the BfB Nat™ and the BfB Baroque™ for trumpeters wanting to develop a more authentic historical playing technique.

BfB French horn™ and BfB Low Brass™ mouthpieces make it possible for all brass players to explore the educational benefits of the natural trumpet.

The BfB Natural Trumpet™ can be used to practice any repertoire written for the natural trumpet from the late 18th through the mid 19th centuries. Click the button below to browse our Classical Period Database organized by composer and by key.