Teaching beginning brass during Covid-19

We hope you and your loved ones have been staying safe and well in these unprecedented times. It has been a particularly challenging time for music teachers, but we are learning that the Brass for Beginners program offers unique educational opportunities during Covid-19. Teachers are finding that the program can be offered both remotely and in person, in a safe way, and that the Brass for Beginners online resources provide exciting opportunities to keep students engaged at home. Learn more below, and stay healthy!

Using BfB during Covid-19:

  • The BfB Natural Trumpet™ is easy to sanitize compared with brass instruments with valves and slides.
  • Masks and bell covers* are now widely available to allow students to play safely while meeting distancing guidelines at your school.
  • BfB's extensive online resources help students develop their skills at home while staying intellectually engaged and creatively motivated.
  • Students learning remotely can keep the instrument at home in order to mitigate the risk of transmission.

*See a recent study by the National Federation of State High School Associations on the effectiveness of masks and bells covers on mitigation of aerosol particle emissions here.