Meet John Humphries

Have you met Mr. John Humphries? If you are part of the early music brass world, you may have read his book The Early Horn, or his journal articles, or his entries in the Cambridge Encyclopedia of Brass. You may have played one of his brass arrangements or used his editions of 19th century French horn literature.

Did you know that he originally went to Oxford to study Geology? or that Anthony Baines (yes, that Anthony Baines) gave him a 19th century hand horn to practice? or that his middle school choir director had his 90 classmates singing Schubert's "Erlkönig" in unison?!

We know John Humphries because he is our editor. Most everything well written and engaging in our print or online resources had his hand in it. This is why we have created a "Meet the Expert" page, so that BfB teachers and their students can learn about this fascinating person. You will see that he is a lifelong learner, an expert in many things, and that his joy of learning comes right through his writing!