BfB Beginner Hybrid Mouthpieces

BfB French horn™

Demonstrated by DePaul Univeristy Graduate Momoko Hasselbring Seko

BfB Low Brass™

Demonstrated by University of North Georgia Associate Professor of Music, Adam Frey

We just received a new stock order of 3D printed French horn and low brass hybrid mouthpieces from Pickett Brass! These mouthpieces were designed to make playing the BfB Natural Trumpet™ more user-friendly for low brass and French horn teachers and to provide more options for their students.

Classroom Tip: Some teachers have a bucket of sterilized mouthpieces ready for students to grab when they walk into class. Try mixing in BfB low brass and French horn mouthpieces for students to try. Some students will naturally gravitate towards one of them, which will make for an easy transition to euphonium, trombone, or French horn.