Professional Development

TEACHER TRAINING: "Brass for Beginners: Train-the-Trainer"

Suitable for any teacher utilizing Brass for Beginners® in their classroom, this hands-on workshop provides essential instruction on how to navigate the instrument, curriculum and additional resources. It can be tailored to educators from a wide variety of backgrounds, interests, and experience, with the goal of providing a solid foundation for successful teaching.

Training units include:

  • What is a Natural Trumpet?
  • How to Navigate the Student Edition
  • How to Navigate the Teacher Edition
  • A Brief History of Lip-Blown Instruments
  • Lesson Plans: Variety is the Spice of Life
  • Qualities of an Effective Brass for Beginners® Teacher
  • Social Sciences for Music Majors
  • Assignments, Assessments and More
  • Managing the Brass for Beginners® Classroom
  • Lesson Preparation

"Train-the-Trainer" is delivered by a member (s) of the Brass for Beginners® team or their partners, depending on the location. Instruments and materials are provided. For more information contact Chris Hasselbring at


“Intersecting History and Pedagogy: Using the Natural Trumpet and the History of Lip-blown Instruments to Teach Beginning Brass Students”

Suitable for educators wishing to take professional and continuing education courses (CPE) and/or lifelong learners, this seminar takes participants on an academic, interactive journey through history and across the globe. In this interactive presentation, a creative approach to general music education will be demonstrated, that connects the teaching of brass playing to the history of lip-blown instruments. Such an approach pushes students to think more broadly about five often ignored questions in music classes: who, what, why, where, and when. In many respects these questions hold the key to students’ ability to be reflective and imaginative about the quality and meaning of the sounds that they create.This seminar will address why the natural trumpet is an ideal pedagogical tool for school-aged children, and how a cross-disciplinary approach can unlock a student’s creative and technical potential to help them succeed on any brass instrument. The goal is that participants will leave inspired, enthused and empowered - ready to bring the natural trumpet and the history of lip-blown instruments to their own classrooms.

Participant learning objectives:

  • Participants will learn about the natural trumpet and why it is an excellent pedagogical tool for school age children
  • Participants will see how a cross-disciplinary approach inspires technical and creative development
  • Participants will learn about the pervasiveness of brass in almost every cultural and historical context throughout human history
  • Participants will leave with ideas on how to apply a cross-disciplinary methodology to music education more broadly

Instruments and materials are provided for this 90-minute workshop. For more information, contact Chris Hasselbring at