Remembering Jeremy Montagu (1927-2020)

We were saddened to hear of the passing of Jeremy Montagu, one of the world's leading experts on musical instruments. His contribution to the knowledge of lip-blown instruments cannot be overstated, and his scholarship inspired many pages of Around the World in Twenty-one Trumpets.

BfB Authors Chris Hasselbring and Kirsty Montgomery first met Jeremy at the 2015 European Music Archeology Project (EMAP) conference in Italy, and then had a rare opportunity to visit him at his home in Oxford in 2017, the year he turned 90! He spent a generous amount of time with us, sitting for a video interview for BfB students, and showing parts of his amazing collection of instruments. Be sure to visit his "Meet the Expert" page on our student resources pages, and watch his video interview below. We are truly indebted to Jeremy and will be reminded of him every time the shofar call is sounded!