ITG Book Review- March 2019

We are honored to have our curriculum, teacher's edition, and online resources reviewed in the March edition of the ITG Journal, Vol. 43. No.3. Turn to pg. 102-103 to see the book review in full. Here is an excerpt:

"Hasselbring, Chris and Kirsty Montgomery. Around the World in Twenty-One Trumpets—A Brass Odyssey: An Interdisciplinary Approach to the Fundamentals of Brass Playing Using the Natural Trumpet....With its format, accessibility, and thoroughly developed curriculum, this text is excellent in any setting. It offers an education beneficial not only to students who go on to become brass players, but also to those who do not. This curriculum would certainly carry long-term benefits to any school system fortunate enough to use it. There is no more interesting way to engage children (or adults) with early brass instruments than through the lens of history, and Hasselbring and Montgomery provide an exceptional method to do just that."

Amanda Pepping, lecturer, Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, TX

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Join BfB authors Chris Hasselbring and Kirsty Montgomery at the 2019 ITG Conference in Miami, FL, held on 7/13, 11:00AM at the Orchid Ballroom. The session is entitled: "A Brass Odyssey: Using the Natural Trumpet and the History of Lip-blown Instruments to Teach Beginners," and be sure to stop by the Brass for Beginners® booth to try out our instruments and learn more about our curriculum.