Historic Brass Society (HBS) Promotion

As proud members of the Historic Brass Society (HBS), we owe a great debt to its President Jeffrey Nussbaum and the many brass experts around the world who have contributed invaluable scholarship to the study of lip-blown instruments. Without the support of the HBS, our efforts to spark interest and curiosity in school-age children through the Brass for Beginners curriculum simply wouldn't have been possible. The HBS has further supported our efforts through invitations to present our curriculum at various academic conferences over the past years, including for the 2015 European Music Archeology Project's (EMAP) "International Conference on Brass Instruments from Ancient Europe" in Viterbo, Italy, the 2016 Early Brass Festival (Northfield, Minnesota), and the 2017 Historic Brass Society, 3rd International Historic Brass Symposium in New York City. Sincerest thanks from the BfB Team!

(left to right) Peter Holmes, Keith Polk, Trevor Herbert, Jeremy Montagu, and BfB author Kirsty Montgomery at the EMAP International Conference Nov. 2015

BfB co-authors Kirsty Montgomery and Chris Hasselbring with Jeremy Montagu at the EMAP International Conference, Nov. 2015

HBS Promotion!

While supplies last, get a free copy of an HBS Journal of your choice when you purchase a BfB Instrument or Teacher Package. Simply visit the HBS Journal Page on the BfB Store, select the Vol.&Year to view contents, and add to your cart before checkout.

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