Brass For Beginners®

Creative Learning through Interdisciplinary Education

Launching February 2017.

What is Brass For Beginners®?

Brass for Beginners® is the first brass program geared specifically for the primary school classroom. It is a “learn by ear” method, utilizing an interdisciplinary curriculum and a natural trumpet designed for school-age children.


Why Brass for Beginners®?

Brass is pervasive in almost every cultural and historical context throughout human history, yet only a small percentage of school children have the opportunity to learn a brass instrument.

Methodology: Interdisciplinary Curriculum

The Brass for Beginners® interdisciplinary curriculum, which traces the history and cultural context of lip-blown instruments across the globe, exposes students to the origins of music itself, providing real meaning for sound production and inspiring creativity at the beginning stages of development.

Instrument: The Natural Trumpet

A natural trumpet is a great teaching tool for learning the fundamentals of brass playing. It limits the variables, putting the focus on the development of aural and fundamental skills.

Resources: Classroom Materials & Online Resources

Brass for Beginners® is a “learn by ear” method. Students learn either by listening to their classroom teacher, by playing along with online sound files, or by using the eBook version. Teacher resources include lesson plans, assessments, curriculum mapping, and various models for classroom playing activities as well as interdisciplinary projects.

Brass for Beginners® is launching in 2017. Sign up to be informed when our curriculum and natural trumpet are available for purchase.

Brass for Beginners® In Action

The Brass for Beginners® method was developed over the past decade. Enjoy videos of students from past years.

Brass for Beginners® students demonstrating the new BFB Tromba™

Watch 8 and 9 year-old students playing music and exercises from Around the World in Twenty-One Trumpets on the new BFB Tromba™

Brass for Beginners® Success Stories

Hear a former Brass for Beginners® student play the French horn and explain why she believes Brass for Beginners® gave her a great start.


Brass for Beginners® expands opportunities to learn brass by offering curriculum and instruments designed for the general music classroom.

BFB Tromba™/

A natural trumpet designed for the general music classroom. Durable and manufactured for children.

Learn by Ear/

Brass for Beginners® music is taught using a call and response method. The music & instrument are accessible for teachers with no previous playing experience.

Visit the Practice Cave

Playing activities related to the historical narrative are found in each chapter of the curriculum. Music notation for playing activities are also provided for students who read music.

/Learn with Great Artists

Students get up close and personal with some of the world’s best brass players through play along sound files, videos, and interviews.

/Meet the Experts

Get to know the experts in many fields of research that have contributed to the Brass for Beginners® curriculum.

/Hear Ragnar's Amazing Sounds

Sound files related to the historical narrative accompany the curriculum to inspire students’ imagination.

Brass for Beginners® is launching in 2017. Sign up to be informed when our curriculum and natural trumpet are available for purchase.


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Launch Events

Join Brass for Beginners® at one of our many launch events.

EMAP Exhibition: 7-8 February, 2017 Museo de la Ciencia, Valladolid, Spain

Music & Drama Expo: 9-10 February, 2017 - London Olympia, UK

NAfME Easter Division Conference: 6-8 April, 2017, Atlantic City, New Jersey

Historic Brass Society Symposium: 13-16 July, 2017, New York City

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